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Art exhibition reviews is one of Artists in Schools’ efforts in promoting arts in Malaysia. More importantly, we believe that it helps in the process of developing a more creative Malaysian society in the long run and to ensure the sustainability of art culture in the country.

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Exhibition: Menjemur Sementara Hari Masih Panas
Featuring : Series of visual and digital works by Hyrul Anuar in collaboration with Sarah Amer.
Location: White Box Publika, Mont Kiara.

Exhibition: Cocktails for ‘ROOTS, Emerging Malaysia’.
Featuring: New works by Afiq Faris, Alena Murang and Shaq Kyok.
LocationSGFA: Shalini Ganendra Fine Art


Exhibition: Open Exhibition
Exhibition of Paintings and Artistic Results from Local & Foreign Artists
Location: Shah Alam Gallery


Exhibition: Imago Mundi 3 Nation Art Exhibition
300 Artists 600 Artworks
LocationThe Hulo Hotel + Gallery


Exhibition: Art Expo Plus Malaysia
70 established and reputable art galleries / groups from 25 countries, exhibiting 2,000 pieces of artworks (including paintings, sculptures, installation and photography) under one roof
LocationMatrade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC)

Exhibition: KL Biennale 2017
The theme of KL BIENNALE 2017 is categorized as 5 types of Belas or Love which are Love for Nature (Belas Alam), Love of Heritage (Belas Warisan), Love for Humanity (Belas Insan), Love for Animals (Belas Haiwan) and Love for Legendary Icons (Belasungkawa).
LocationNational Art Gallery of Malaysia


Exhibition: RUPA-RUPA ( NYA..)
Every single piece of art present in the spacious “box” prompts some creative and innovative reflections of Malaysian – and Malayan – historical, social and cultural snapshots, cleverly portrayed in paintings and sculpture.
Location: White Box, Publika, Kuala Lumpur



Exhibition: ‘Progredi’ Exhibition
The exhibition, “Progredi” at Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, consists of artworks from 18 emerging artists: Amar Shahid, Amir Amin, Amirul Roslan, Azrul Azrai Mohyi, Ezwa Hasin, Fatah Taib, Fitriah Roslan, Izzat Hamdan, Kamal Sazali, Khairul Ehsani Sapari, Megat Zaim Zharif, M.N. Hafiz Hamzah, Nazrul Hamzah, Nizar Sulaiman, Putra Nazri, Shaliza Juanna Alfred, Syukur Rani and Zarina Abdullah. The exhibition is also a fundraising effort for the Malaysian Deaf Association.
Location: Intermark, Kuala Lumpur



Exhibition: Dong-ism Exhibition : Jilid 1 (Ulu Dong, Raub)
Being a remote rural setting, there is obviously more to Ulu Dong than just the murder. Its beautiful, remote and sometimes mysterious. For instance, M. Irfan Ahid’s “Jeram Ulu Dong”, Rosli Zakaria’s “Mu Sang King”, Ab Razik bin Mohd Yusof’s “Spider”, Umairoh binti Ali’s “Rafflesia I” and “Rafflesia II”, and M. Khairul Amirin Yuzaini’s “Kantan” highlighted the composite of invaluable natural beauty in Ulu Dong.
LocationNational Art Gallery



Exhibition: Lakar Wanita Exhibition
Looking at the drawings at Lakar Wanita exhibition at the National Art Gallery – an exhibition of Malaysian women artists – I am unusually fascinated, not because they are beautiful in that conventional sense but because the artists have brought me to different ways of seeing and understanding things.
Location: National Art Gallery



Exhibition: Kumpulan Manjung Art Exhibition  ‘Manusia dan Alamnya’
The Kumpulan Manjung art exhibition at Balai Seni Lukis Negara exposes the work of 16 artists from various arts backgrounds sharing one thing in common: they are the alumni of Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM and now UiTM) in Manjung, Perak.
Location: National Art Gallery