How to apply ‘Artists in Schools Program’ and ‘Artists Collaboration’

To schools interested in executing ‘Artists in Schools Program’ at their school, you can do so by applying through the list of artists directories available at AiS Malaysia. Please visit the menu of ‘Artists Gallery’ and then go to sub menu of ‘Artists Directory’ to select the best artists that suit your requirement. If you want to invite other artists who are not in the lists of directory, you can still do so by contacting us through ‘Contact Me’  so we can arrange the deal with the artist that you have in mind. For an unsure school to invite the appropriate artists please fill in the application form of artists in schools and we will go through your program criteria so can brought the suitable artist to your school. Your support is meaningful to ensure the success of the this program. Thank you.

‘Artists Directory’ menu location

Artists in Schools Program and Artists Collaboration online application form

‘Contact Me’ menu location