Artists in Schools Program at SMK Tok Perdana (A.i.S #6)

A.i.S#6 : “Being artistic is to bend the straight line”

One of the wonderful things about arts is freedom: the freedom express your thoughts and point of views in your own ways.

That was exactly Rozlina Khairy’s A.i.S (Artists in Schools) 6’s guest artist, message to her student audience in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tok Perdana in Setiawan, Perak. She spent very little time in deliberating about what the students should do in the next hour.

Instead, she invested a lot of time in encouraging the students in a very motherly manner to transfer anything they have in mind onto the paper. To allow some space for inspiration, she showed some of her artworks.

As the students creatively produce their own artworks, she moved around and asked them about what were trying to express and telling them how wonderful their drawings were.

Artists in Schools (A.i.S) team would like to thank the school and the artist, Rozlina Khairi, for their generous involvement in the program.