Artists in Schools Program at SMK Seri Lipis, Pahang (AiS #5)

Experience is the best teacher, so the saying goes. In AIS5, Hashim Man, a self-taught artist from Kuala Lipis, Pahang, shared his life’s journey as an artist starting as a cartoonist and gradually building up as a painter. He is also a nature guide which helps him a lot in enhancing his artistry not only through his interaction with the tropical biodiversity but also to the multiculturally diverse tourists. Being self-taught, Hashim is less restrictive and technical in his approach in work. He encourages the students to be brave, daring and explorative in searxhing for new dimensions. He emphasizes the need to practice drawing and painting frequently.

During the session, Hashim was very interactive with the students. He was very generous in sharing his ideas and was a very good listener, too. Him being approachable and jovial was certainly beneficial to the students.